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Selection & Classification (PS&C)

CogniMetrics Inc. has developed a unique expertise while conducting selection and classification studies for the U.S. Armed Forces. This expertise is different from the expertise of regular H.R. companies.  Regular H.R. companies may do an excellent job when an organization wants to hire one or more persons for a particular job, or for a group of very similar jobs (e.g., production personnel or construction workers).  Many large-scale selection / hiring situations in the civilian world no longer fit that description.  In those selection / hiring situations the problem is not simply to hire the best, but to maximize mean performance over multiple training programs. 

For example, in the Health Care Industry, like in military organizations, candidates apply for a training program with only a vague notion of the nursing staff specialisms available. Depending on various organizational priorities they may end up being trained for a function that does not match their initial motivation to apply for the nursing training program.  Such misfits are costly for the individual, but also for the organization providing the training. 

Another example is formed by the local and regional Workforce Development programs that serve a large variety of customers (including large numbers of high-school dropouts) for participation (or reentrance) in the Labor Force.  Many of the individuals entering a WD program have no idea of what to expect.  Dropout rates are often unacceptably high.  This is a sad phenomenon, because Workforce Development programs can be important agents in the allocation and reallocation of human capital in a global competition.

CogniMetrics Inc. has the technology and expertise to improve your organization’s selection and training performance and to provide an unparalleled level of transparency and accountability.