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IT Aptitude Battery

The ITAB measures fluid intelligence with a proven predictive utility (validity) for technical occupations.  The ITAB is privately owned, but has gone through a series of thorough norm and validity studies with the U.S. Navy.  In a recent study it was shown that the ITAB tests have substantial incremental validity over ASVAB Selection Composites in the prediction of success in the Navy Apprentice Technical Training (ATT) program.  The Navy ATT program prepares recruits for a variety of technical vocations, including Electrician and Electrician Mate, Electonics Technician, Communications Technician, Gas Trubine Systems Technician, etc.

Recently, we completed a study with 8th graders in the State of Louisiana, which showed that the ITAB have good predictive utility for school achievements as measured with ACT EXPLORE tests, in particular for math and science. 

ITAB: A revolutionary test

The ITAB has some very attractive characteristics:

1. The ITAB is the world’s first battery of fully interactive intelligence tests. Complete interactivity is achieved by creating an internal representation of the task environment. Artificial-Intelligence technology is also used to compute the intelligence of each problem solving action.

2.  The ITAB tests have a game-like character and an intuitive interface gives ITAB tests an
advantage in testing populations (e.g., high school drop-outs) that have developed an aversion against scholl math and the static logic of traditional intelligence tests.  Yet, the ITAB tests predict math and science at least as well as traditional tests for fluid intelligence.  

3.  The ITAB is the only test battery for fluid intelligence that provides a diagnosis of test performance.  For example, is a relatively low score the result of a limited information extraction capacity or does the examinee use an inadequate work style?  The latter diagnosis may lead to training to imporve the students work style and improve his/her chances for a good result.
4. The ITAB is very time-efficient.  Compare for example the ASVAB, the principal selection device of the U.S. Armed Forces. The ASVAB is the most researched test battery in the world. Administration of the ASVAB takes several hours. The ITAB takes, on average, 20 minutes administration time.
The I.T. aptitude tests are available in four different language versions: English, Spanish, German and Dutch. For more information about ITAB tests you are invited to download the PPshow IT Aptitude Battery (ITAB) (below).

System requirements to run ITAB 1.1

The ITAB tests are designed as a client-server system. The test interface is programmed in a web-based technology (Macromedia Flash MX 2004) to facilitate easy access to the tests by logging in at the CogniMetrics web site.

Due to the use of Internet technologies, ITAB 1.1 will run on any platform using a modern browser and an reasonably fast connection to the Internet. For example, Windows, Apple, Linux. etc.

The browser requires the Flash Plugin version 4.0 or higher to be installed.

How to access the ITAB tests?

Accessing and administrating the ITAB tests is as easy as:
  1. Order a test license at this web site, or contact CogniMetrics Inc. by phone
  2. CogniMetrics Inc. will send you a user name and password by email
  3. Click on login tests (down right this page), read the instruction carefully
  4. Click on one of the flags to access the ITAB tests in the language of your choice
  5. A test report will be automatically generated and send to your email address