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Selection & Classification (PS&C)

CogniMetrics Inc. has developed a unique expertise while conducting selection and classification studies for the U.S. Armed Forces. This expertise is different from the expertise of regular H.R. companies.  Regular H.R. companies may do an excellent job when an organization wants to hire one or more persons for a particular job, or for a group of very similar jobs (e.g., production personnel or construction workers).  Many large-scale selection / hiring situations in the civilian world no longer fit that description.  In those selection / hiring situations the problem is not simply to hire the best, but to maximize mean performance over multiple training programs. 

Utility studies

Is a selection procedure worth the investment?

CogniMetrics performs utility studies to help companies deciding whether or not psychological testing can improve a selection decision-making process and whether or not this investment is likely to pay off.

Custom-designed tests

For larger institutions and corporations, custom-designed tests can be an economically sound solution to specific measurement objectives. CogniMetrics designs, develops, and validates cognition tests, based on innovative technology and the latest of psychological research, for your specific objectives.